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About David Beck

Blockchain & AI economist

Strategy & growth – Blockchain, Emerging Technologies – Food & Beverage

DAVID BECK is a former entrepreneur – Researcher – Lecturer – PhD student – Expert in wine distribution – Speaker – Contributor to government publications.

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David spent thirteen years in the market research  industry. He is now a teacher-researcher working on innovative technologies (blockchain, AI, metaverse).

Prior to being an entrepreneur, David was the head of CRM at Compass Group, Europe Division.

A recognized authority on the food & beverage industry, David has been writing articles about international markets over the years. He wrote chapters on business trends and culture in Business France’s publications.


  • Helping companies in their AI, blockchain and NFT strategy.

David co-founded and managed a research institute, specializing in the wine market for 13 years. His team (3 offices, 25 employees) worked on projects in Asia, Europe and North America. David has addressed major trade unions  in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Rhone, Languedoc, Pays d’Oc, Provence, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, as well as Australia, Napa Valley and Chile. He has been a consultant for producers, importers, and marketing agencies.

  • F&B industry economics & market studies.
  • Market positioning & price segmentation analysis.
  • Route- and Go-to-market strategic planning.
  • Food & Beverage industry presentations and briefings.


David is in charge of the Wine Challenge at INSEEC business school (students act as junior consultants). He is also a lecturer at INSEEC (MBA of Wine & Spirit).

David is a IA lecturer at Ecole Centrale d’Electronique – ECE (Master of Data science and AI). ECE is a engineering school.

David is a PhD student at the Bordeaux School of Economics. His thesis deals with emerging technologies, notably decentralized and distributed economy (Blockchain – Tokenomics, Data Markets & Distributed Networks, DAO and Smart Contracts-, Metaverse and AI).


Bordeaux, 16 Dec. 2021

David Beck, founding editor of, speaker at INSEEC’s Wine and Spirits Chair to discuss AI & the Wine Business