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Strategy Consultant – Digital Retail, Blockchain, AI – Food & Beverage, Agribusiness

DAVID BECK is a former executive of a consulting firm – 20 years of international activities – Researcher in emerging technologies – Lecturer in digital – Analyst – PhD student in economics – Expert in wine distribution – Speaker – Contributor to government publications

David BECK’s 15 years in the food & beverage business include consulting on a broad spectrum of industry matters and economics.

Before creating, David spent thirteen years in the market research  industry, as Managing Director of MiBD Market. The firm was a key actor of analysis the Food, Beverage, Retail, Luxury sectors in Asia, Europe, and North America.

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A recognized authority on the food & beverage industry, David Beck has been writing articles about international markets over the years. David also provides insights on the latest food & beverage business and AI developments in journals. He wrote chapters on business trends and culture in Business France’s publications. David is a lecturer at INSEEC, a major business school in France.
David Beck has addressed major trade unions (food & wine boards) in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Provence, Châteauneuf-du-Pape as well as Australia and Chile. He is also a consultant for producers, importers, and marketing agencies.

Areas of Professional Consulting Expertise

  • F&B industry economics & market studies with an advanced expertise in the wine business.
  • AI, Blockchain, Metaverse & Digital Transformation.
  • Market positioning & price segmentation analysis.
  • Route- and Go-to-market strategic planning.
  • Food & Beverage industry presentations and briefings.

Guess speaker

Bordeaux, 16 Dec. 2021

David Beck, founding editor of, will be speaking at INSEEC’s Wine and Spirits Chair to discuss AI & the Wine Business

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