Napa Vintners Committee Meeting

by MiBD wine analytics September 12, 2019

MiBD CEO David Beck, speaking at Napa Vintners committee meeting, on why it’s important to understand all key indicators of local market.

MiBD wine analytics was delighted when Connor Best and his team at Napa Vintners asked us to introduce how wine data can help to understand Napa Valley wines situation.

For this meeting, Napa Vintners team asked me to spend some time talking, or sharing, some of MiBD’s thoughts and analytics about the Napa Valley in London restaurants.

Using all the wine data collected, we understand not only Napa Valley but also Bordeaux, Burgundy and premium Italian appellations had experienced the same trend.

After analyzing the positioning of the Napa Valley appellation, we discovered the reasons for the trend. In a second step, we observed pockets of redevelopment opportunities in London restaurants.

Author: David BECK