Australian wines in Tokyo: Japan is changing opinions about what is fine wine

by MiBD wine analytics April 25, 2019

Australian wines in Japan

Japanese professionals and consumers understand that Australian wines do not compete with lower-priced wines

Premium wines for special occasions, when supported by established reputation, ratings, or awards, are distributed through specialised wine outlets, online shopping, high-end hotels and restaurants. Successful premium wines must have an outstanding and unique reputation and boast highly regarded international awards.


Top AUSTRALIAN wine appellations by presence

Top 1 South Australia

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Top 11 Tasmania
Top 12 Hunter Valley
Top 13 Coonawarra
Top 14 Mornington Peninsula
Top 15 Pemberton

Top 16 Western Australia
Top 17 Beechworth
Top 18 Frankland River
Top 19 Gippsland
Top 20 Geelong


Top AUSTRALIAN wineries by presence

Top 1 Penfolds

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Top 11 Cullen
Top 12 Hoddles Creek
Top 13 Pierro
Top 14 D'Arenberg
Top 15 Jacob's Creek

Top 16 Mitolo Wines
Top 17 Peter Lehmann
Top 18 Picardy
Top 19 Vasse Felix
Top 20 Yalumba


Source: MiBD wine analytics. Wine Offer from 175 restaurants / 23,240 wines in 2018. Top listed Australian wines by presence / listed on wine lists.

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