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London: No French Chardonnay Among Top 20 Wines

by MiBD wine analytics January 24, 2019

No French wineries listed among the top 20 Chardonnay based wines in London.

Top 1 Au Bon Climat
Top 2 Kistler
Top 3 Bodega Catena Zapata
Top 4 Hamilton Russell Vineyards
Top 5 Giaconda

Top 6 Gaja
Top 7 Hyde Vineyard
Top 8 Sandhi Wines
Top 9 Stag's Leap Winery
Top 10 Tormaresca

Top 11 Cantina Terlano
Top 12 Kumeu River
Top 13 Leeuwin Estate
Top 14 Shaw & Smith
Top 15 Bachelder Wines

Top 16 Kooyong
Top 17 Shafer Vineyards
Top 18 Vie Di Romans
Top 19 Whalebone Vineyard
Top 20 Antinori



Source: Wine Offer by MiBD. Store-check 350 restaurants / 61,098 wines in London 2018. Top listed Chardonnay-based wines by presence