Wine Buying by Sales Channels in France 2018

by MiBD wine analytics June 13, 2018

We examine the habits of wine drinkers in the French market.

Sowine and SSI published a report about wine drinkers in France. They analyzed habits of French wine buyers in 2018.

Wine Buying by Sales Channels in France 2018:
On-premise consumption
Bars: 43%
At home: 38%
Restaurants: 29%

Online purchase
DTC: 51%
Online of wine shops: 38%
Online retailers: 35%

Wineconomics by MiBD wine analytics Source Sowine / SSI

Wine drinkers in the USA aged 45 and over make up 58 per cent of all regular wine drinkers and millennials (those aged from 21 to 34 years) make up 29 per cent of regular wine drinkers.