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Wine Importers reports

The Wine Importers report is designed to help wineries and retailers to compare importers. Select the importer you would like to compare to the top 15 importers. Choose levels of granularity of wine and vineyard. Filters can be applied.

The Wine Importers report is a PowerPoint presentation generated from our platform of analysis.


New Report Guarantee

If you purchase a report that is updated in the next 30 days, we will send you the new edition FREE!

A 26-page report in English or in French


●● THE LEADING IMPORTERS - top 15 importers by presence and average wines

By presence

By number of producers listed

By red and white wines

● By rosé and sparkling wines

Top price ranges

Top countries of origin

●● WINE APPELLATION BY IMPORTERS - top 15 appellations by presence and number of producers

Bordeaux appellations

Burgundy appellations

Other French appellations

Italian appellations

● Spanish appellations

● Portuguese appellations

● German & Austrian appellations

● Other Other World appellations

● American appellations

Chilean appellations

● Argentinean appellations

● Australian appellations

● New Zealander appellations

● Other New World appellations

● YOUR IMPORTER: top 15 producers and brands, by presence

Research methodology