About David BECK

From entrepreneurship to teaching – Government publications contributor.

David Beck has addressed major wine trade unions (wine boards) in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Provence, Rhone, Australia, Chile…

A former wine region consultant, David BECK has been running a market research institute for 15 years (3 offices, 25 employees).

Since 2019, David BECK has been teaching courses on digital transformation, the use of blockchain, AI and cyber-security.

Director of research briefs and contributor to Business France government publications, David BECK writes articles on emerging technologies and the wine industry.

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From entrepreneurship in China…

  • Founder and formr CEO of a market research institute. Headquarter in Hong Kong
  • International development strategy
  • Data and analysis for wine trade associations.

… To teaching in engineering, political science, business schools and universities

  • David wrote chapters for the French government publications: Business France and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Specializations: AI, blockchain, and cyber security
  • Supervision of Master’s theses

A recognized authority on the wine industry, David Beck has been writing articles about wine markets over the years. David also provides insights on the latest wine business and AI developments in wine journals. David is a lecturer at a wine business school in Bordeaux and in Lyon. He is speaker at Wine Paris, Vinexpo.