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China Tier-1 cities, red wines in restaurants

David BECK Academic - Economics, Society and Political science - Environment and Technologies (AI, blockchain)

We investigated 430 restaurants in Tier-1 cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou) in 2017. We collected data of 34,521 wines.

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou on-trade: Top Red Wines at RMB 800-2000, by presence:
Top 1 Bodegas El Nido
Top 2 Bodegas Roda
Top 3 Domaine De Trevallon
Top 4 Delas Frères
Top 5 Château De Meursault

Top 6 Isole E Olena
Top 7 Umani Ronchi
Top 8 Château Baret
Top 9 Bodegas Aalto
Top 10 San Pedro

Top 11 Domaine Yves Cuilleron
Top 12 La Spinetta
Top 13 Château Figeac
Top 14 Ferrer Bobet
Top 15 Albino Rocca De Pez

Top 16 Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot
Top 17 Bodegas Emilio Moro
Top 18 Torreon De Paredes
Top 19 Clonakilla
Top 20 Roagna

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