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Tokyo, white wines in restaurants

We investigated restaurants in Tokyo. We collected data of 19,888 wines from 150 restaurants.

Tokyo on-trade: top 20 white wines at YEN 10000-25000, by presence:
Top 1 Olivier Leflaive
Top 2 Nicolas Joly
Top 3 Planeta
Top 4 Domaine Marcel Deiss
Top 5 Kenzo Estate

Top 6 Hugel & Fils
Top 7 Domaine Henri Bourgeois
Top 8 Newton Vineyard
Top 9 Cloudy Bay
Top 10 Domaine Leflaive

Top 11 Trimbach
Top 12 Louis Latour
Top 13 Domaine William Fèvre
Top 14 Domaine Albert Grivault
Top 15 Domaine Zind-Humbrecht

Top 16 Louis Jadot
Top 17 Domaine Sylvain Loichet
Top 18 M. Chapoutier
Top 19 Domaine Weinbach
Top 20 Domaine Huet

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