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UK. Chile wine a reference of premium wines from the New World

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Portfolio of quality wines with premium prices.

Chile’s historically most important markets – the UK. Although the UK market is going through some downturns, Chile has seen a small growth which is positive by positioning better quality and diversity in Chilean wine. They identify key features and experiences
Top CHILEAN appellations by presence

Top 1 Central Valley

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Top 11 Leyda Valley
Top 12 San Antonio Valley
Top 13 Curico
Top 14 Elqui Valley
Top 15 Other Chilean

Top 16 Aconcagua Costa
Top 17 Bio Bio Valley
Top 18 Chilean sparkling
Top 19 Loncomilla Valley
Top 20 Lontue Valley

Top CHILEAN wineries by presence

Top 1 Casa Lapostelle

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Top 11 Vina Errázuriz
Top 12 Almaviva
Top 13 Vina Perez Cruz
Top 14 Vina Ventisquero
Top 15 Miguel Torres

Top 16 Siete Soles
Top 17 Odfjell Vineyards
Top 18 Sena
Top 19 Koyle
Top 20 Concha Y Toro

Store-check 350 restaurants / 61,098 wines in 2018. Top listed Chilean wines by penetration rate / presence on wine lists.

AI & Blockchain / Lecturer & Research