United Kingdom, most popular wines in restaurants and retailers

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Managed pubs, bars and restaurants in the UK saw sales in October up 3% on the same period in 2019, however the rolling 12-month sales – the total amount from the past 12 months – was down 4.5%.

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October on-trade figures up on 2019

According to the latest data from Coffer CGA Business Tracker, growth was particularly sluggish in London, with total sales in October down 4% on 2019 levels. Outside the M25, the picture was rosier, with sales up by 6%.

Sales were 64% higher than in October 2020, when trading was hugely curtailed due to COVID restrictions. Growth in pub groups was higher than restaurants, which sales up 3% for pubs, compared to 2% for restaurants, while bars recorded the strongest growth of all – up 13%.

Post lockdown euphoria had waned with sales growth compared to 2019 lower in October than September as consumers started to feel the impact of rising household bills on discretionary spending.

Sales comparisons to 2019 are also being impacted by acute labor shortages, forcing many hospitality businesses to cut trading hours with operators.

UK’s best selling wine in retail

Trivento Reserve Malbec has become the UK’s best-selling wine across the total market, the latest stats have revealed.
The sku was already the number 1 Argentinean wine brand but has seen sales reach £72.6 million over the last 52 week period to 6 November, according to Nielsen, landing it in pole position in the UK market.

The brand has seen powerful double digit growth of +22% over the same period, backed by substantial marketing investment across satellite and terrestrial TV channels in recent months – the latest ad in its ‘Bold Discoveries’ series went live across catch on on ITV, C4 and Sky last week featuring its premium Private Reserve Malbec. Meanwhile, household penetration also rose, up 7.2%, according to Kantar, while the company recently noted a “step-change” in brand awareness over the last 12 months.

Best selling grape varietals

The top 10 most popular wines in the UK have been revealed by a new survey, which looked at the preferences in wine varieties of adults of drinking age.

None of the varietals on this list should come as a particular surprise to those familiar with the wine drinking habits of the United Kingdom’s inhabitants. Coming in first place, presumably to the surprise of precisely nobody, is Pinot Grigio – though interestingly top spot did vary across the different nations, with Scotland preferring Sauvignon Blanc and those polled in Ireland opting for Chardonnay as their top choice.

Here’s the top 10 in full:

  1. Pinot Grigio
  2. Chardonnay
  3. Sauvignon Blanc
  4. Merlot
  5. Rosé
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon
  7. Pinot Noir
  8. Zinfandel
  9. Malbec
  10. Rioja

Britain is one of the largest importers of wine, taking in over $4 billion worth of crates, bags and bottles in 2020. Yet, our research shows that the nation is largely shying away from expanding their wine repertoire and are stuck in a wine rut – making the same purchases over and over again.

While Sauvignon Blanc may remain close the top of the list of the UK’s favorite wine varieties, consumers may well need to look elsewhere for their fix, as the shortages of ever popular Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc are “not going away any time soon” according to Morrison’s senior wine sourcing manager Mark Jarman.