China Beijing, KOL prefer smaller bottle size

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Idea of small bottling was made popular in recent years after key KOLs

Bigger bottle size is not necessarily the preferred bottling for the Chinese wine market. According to the report*, it found that 73% of respondents prefer smaller bottle size such as 375ml especially among female respondents (80%).

The idea of small bottling was made popular in recent years after key KOLs – Key Opinion Leaders – in the country such as Lady Penguin, arguably the most influential social media personality in China’s wine market with millions of followers, advocated drinking wine before bedtime for ‘beauty’ purpose.

We collected wine lists of 150 Beijing restaurants

We have analyzed sparkling wines in Chinese cuisine restaurants.

Beijing: leading sparkling wine appellations in Chinese restaurants

1. Champagne
2. Prosecco
3. Chinese sparkling
4. Mousseux
5. Spumante

6. Australian sparkling
7. Cava
8. Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore
9. Franciacorta sparkling
10. Hungarian sparkling

11. US sparkling
12. Blanquette de Limoux
13. Cremant d’Alsace
14. Cremant de Loire
15. Prosecco di Treviso

Beijing: leading sparkling wine brands in Chinese cuisine restaurants

1. Dom Perignon
2. Perrier-Jouet
3. Louis Roederer
4. Moet & Chandon
5. Chandon

6. Krug
7. Laurent-Perrier
8. Bollinger
9. Duval-Leroy
10. Taittinger

11. Veuve Clicquot
12. Alfred Gratien
13. Egly-Ouriet
14. G.H. Mumm
15. Billecart-Salmon

Price check program 2019 in 200 restaurants / 14,849 offers. Top listed wines 750ml.

*HKTDC, surveying 2,400 respondents living in 10 different mainland cities aged between 20 and 60