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China Shanghai, cheers for New Zealand wine

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The difficulty of being a premium wine in a market that tends either towards mid-range or prestige

In China, consumers are eating out as a necessity, not as a luxury. The cost of doing business has gone up, rents are so high. People are no longer willing to pay the high prices, and you see a lot more wines in the reasonable price bracket.

New Zealand produces wines in the premium area. They are not able to compete with the value end of the product range. So New Zealand is only in the premium area. But New Zealand is unfortunately not in the super-premium category.

New Zealand has a unique factor; it is a neutral country, it doesn’t have strong links with the US or with Europe And the aromatic properties, the purity of New Zealand wines, is not seen anywhere else in the world because of the unique climatic conditions.*

Top NEW ZEALAND wine appellations by presence

Top 1 Marlborough

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Top 11 Auckland Region
Top 12 Gladstone
Top 13 Wairarapa
Top 14 East Coast
Top 15 Waiheke Island

Top 16 NZ sparkling
Top 17 Upper Moutere Hill

Top NEW ZEALAND wineries by presence

Top 1 Cloudy Bay

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Top 11 Nautilus
Top 12 Pegasus Bay
Top 13 Dog Point Vineyard
Top 14 Greywacke
Top 15 Wairau River

Top 16 Huia Vineyards
Top 17 Kumeu River
Top 18 Martinborough Vineyard
Top 19 Tahuna Wines
Top 20 Brancott Estate

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*Simon Zhou’s interview

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