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China, Wine Consumption by Age

David BECK AI & Blockchain / Lecturer & Research

We examine profiles of wine consumers in the Chinese market.

Lady Penguin published a report about consumers of wines in China. They analyzed profiles and the age distribution of Chinese wine consumers in 2017.

Wine Consumption by Age in China 2017:
Under 19: 14%
20-29: 31%
30-39: 26%
40-49: 18%
50 and over: 11%

Chinese wine consumers are getting younger and younger.
The China’s wine market changed immensely in a short time, mainly because of who is buying wine now: 45% of Chinese wine drinkers are under 30 years old.
An astonishing 14% of wine consumed in China is drunk by people under 19 years old.

AI & Blockchain / Lecturer & Research