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Germany, top Alsace wines in restaurants

Alsace wines in Germany

We investigated restaurants in Cologne and Munich visiting 300 venues and collecting data of 29,750 wines.

Leading Alsace wines in Germany restaurants, by numeric distribution:
Top 1 Trimbach
Top 2 Domaine Josmeyer
Top 3 Domaine Marcel Deiss
Top 4 Domaine Jean Sipp
Top 5 Domaine Zind-Humbrecht

Top 6 Domaine Ostertag
Top 7 Domaine Weinbach
Top 8 Domaine Hubert Reyser
Top 9 Hugel & Fils
Top 10 Arthur Metz

Top 11 Cave de Cleebourg
Top 12 Cave de Turckheim
Top 13 Charles Wantz
Top 14 David Ermel & Fils
Top 15 Domaine Albert Mann

Top 16 Domaine Baumann-Zirgel
Top 17 Domaine Bott-Geyl
Top 18 Domaine Henri Kieffer & Fils
Top 19 Domaine Julien Meyer
Top 20 Domaine Xavier Muller

Top 21 Domaine Rémy Gresser
Top 22 Edgard Schaller & Fils
Top 23 Marc Tempé
Top 24 Pierre Frick
Top 25 René Muré

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