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Shanghai, top Cabernet wines in restaurants

David BECK Academic - Economics, Society and Political science - Environment and Technologies (AI, blockchain)

U.S and Australian appellations fight to be the top Cabernet Sauvignon appellations listed in Shanghai restaurants.

Another aggressive competitor is arising: Chilean appellations.

Top 1 Napa Valley
Top 2 Central Valley
Top 3 Mendoza
Top 4 South Australia
Top 5 California

Top 6 Maipo Valley
Top 7 Coonawarra
Top 8 Margaret River
Top 9 China
Top 10 Colchagua Valley

Top 11 McLaren Vale
Top 12 Alexander Valley
Top 13 Sonoma County
Top 14 Ningxia
Top 15 Toscana IGT

Top 16 Barossa Valley
Top 17 Curico
Top 18 Tasmania
Top 19 Penedes
Top 20 Shanxi

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