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United Kingdom, 15% of the Brits drink rosé wine

David BECK Academic - Economics, Society and Political science - Environment and Technologies (AI, blockchain)

This summer heatwave may increase the opportunity for UK consumers to enjoy a rosé wine. Who is drinking rosé?

Rosé attracts a younger consumer than other types of wine, with 38% being aged under 35 (just 24% of those who consume any types of wine are under 35).

Rosé drinkers are still more likely to be female. They are 32% more likely to be female than the average adult. A ‘gateway’ wine for many young people, rosé drinkers are 31% more likely than the average adult to agree they ‘like to go to trendy places to eat and drink’, according to Kantar Media*.

We analyzed rosé wines listed in the wine shops of London.

1. Chateau d’Esclans
2. Domaines Ott
3. Castel
4. Charles Melton
5. Chateau Cavalier

6. Miraval
7. Domaine de Terrebrune
8. Nicolas
9. A.A. Badenhorst
10. Biddenden Vineyards

11. Bodegas Borsao
12. Bodegas Cillar de Silos
13. Bodegas Muga
14. Bodegas Torres
15. Ca Dei Frati

For quite some time that rosé wine is the drink of the summer months. Where are consumers enjoying rosé?

While most wine is enjoyed at home, with a total of 17.5% of total wine serves being elsewhere, a quarter of all rosé wine servings are out of the home, as the drink’s popularity is driven by social occasions. 14% of all rosé serves are while clubbing or on a date. Meanwhile, rosé is not so popular with food: in the home, which means that rosé is consumed in a similar way to cocktails.

1. Cotes de Provence
2. Pays d’Oc IGP
3. Rioja
4. Sancerre
5. French Wine Table

6. Bandol
7. California
8. Veneto
9. Catalunya
10. Barossa Valley

11. Campo de Borja
12. Central Valley
13. Pays d’Herault IGP
14. Porto
15. Ribera del Duero

In fact, due to recent heat waves, there are expectations that this bumper summer will lend itself to more consumption of rosé as a wine that is best served chilled.

Academic - Economics, Society and Political science - Environment and Technologies (AI, blockchain)