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Belgium, a wine-friendly country for Loire wine

David BECK AI & Blockchain / Lecturer & Research

The non local people who know Muscadet well, and the other Loire wines are the Belgians! Great amateurs, great connoisseurs and great buyers of wines, especially Loire wines

The wine market in Belgium can be described as hyper mature and very much rooted in family traditions. Belgians build relationships with winegrowers, and these relationships go from generation to generation. They have a real wine culture. Small in size, Belgium is big in terms of consumption: it ranks fourth in the world for the consumption of Loire wines.

Top LOIRE wine appellations by presence

Top 1 Sancerre

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Top 11 Anjou
Top 12 Bourgueil
Top 13 Cheverny
Top 14 Montlouis-sur-Loire
Top 15 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine

Top 16 Savennières
Top 17 Quincy
Top 18 Reuilly
Top 19 Coteaux du Layon
Top 20 Côtes Roannaises

Top LOIRE wineries by presence

Top 1 Domaine Didier Dagueneau

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Top 11 Paul Buisse
Top 12 Baron De Ladoucette
Top 13 Château de Tracy
Top 14 Château Pierre-Bise
Top 15 Domaine Vacheron

Top 16 Domaine de la Perrière
Top 17 Domaine des Genaudières
Top 18 Domaine Joseph Mellot
Top 19 Domaine Michel Girault
Top 20 Domaine Pascal Jolivet

Price check in 150 restaurants / 13,946 wines in 2018. Top listed Loire wines by presence / listed on wine lists.