China Beijing, sparkling wine ready to break through

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The sparkling wine category in China is relatively small

In China, sparkling wine is still very much regarded as a drink for celebrations and special occasions.

Top sparkling wine’s dosage stands at 45g/l, and it has been performing much better than the Brut range, in the knowledge that Chinese drinkers in general prefer a higher level of sweetness.

Chinese drinkers, whether they are drinking baijiu (a grain-based liquor), beer or wine, pay more attention to mouthfeel rather than aromas. They smell it, take a sip, and whether they want to swallow it or spit it out, that’s the most important thing.*

Top SPARKLING wine appellations by presence

Top 1 Champagne

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Top 11 Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
Top 12 Prosecco di Treviso
Top 13 Sekt
Top 14 U.S. sparkling
Top 15 South Africa sparkling

Top 16 Chile sparkling
Top 17 Frizzante
Top 18 NZ sparkling
Top 19 UK sparkling
Top 20 Asti

Top SPARKLING wineries by presence

Top 1 Moët & Chandon

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Top 11 Krug
Top 12 Domaine Chandon
Top 13 Billecart-Salmon
Top 14 Deutz
Top 15 G.H. Mumm

Top 16 Egly-Ouriet
Top 17 Ayala
Top 18 Barons de Rothschild
Top 19 Bistol
Top 20 Jacob’s Creek

Price check in 150 restaurants / 13,648 wines in 2018. Top listed sparkling wines listed on wine lists (presence).

* interview of Su Long

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