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China, alcohol consumption leading origins

We examine the wine consumption in China by alcohol (beer, spirits, wine).

IWSR published reports on alcohol consumption in 2013 and 2016. These reports include analysis of top 10 countries, wine consumption as well as China’s consumption by alcohol categories.

Top 10 countries alcohol consumption in 2013:
China: 68 billion liters
USA: 30
Brazil: 13
Russia: 13
Germany: 11
Japan: 9
Mexico: 7
UK: 7
France: 5
India: 5
Italy: 5
Poland: 5

China: consumption per alcohol categories in 2016 (local vs. imported alcohol):
Local beer: 71% of the alcohol consumption
Imported beer: 1%
Local spirits: 17%
Imported spirits: 0%
Local wine: 10%
Imported wine: 1%