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London, red wines BtG in restaurants

David BECK Academic - Economics, Society and Political science - Environment and Technologies (AI, blockchain)

We investigated restaurants in London. We collected data of 61,095 wines from 350 venues.

London on-trade: top 20 red wine brands by the glass under £15, by presence:
Top 1 Graham’s
Top 2 Taylor’s
Top 3 Bodega Norton
Top 4 Bodegas Ramón Bilbao
Top 5 Fonseca

Top 6 Ferreira
Top 7 Quinta De La Rosa
Top 8 Finca Decero
Top 9 Bodega Catena Zapata
Top 10 Familia Zuccardi

Top 11 Dona Paula
Top 12 Warre’s
Top 13 Quinta Dos Malvedos
Top 14 Sogevinus
Top 15 Siete Soles

Top 16 Quinta Do Noval
Top 17 Quinta Do Crasto
Top 18 Dow’s
Top 19 Antinori
Top 20 Promesa

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