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China Shanghai, consumption levels have not changed

David BECK AI & Blockchain / Lecturer & Research

There are definitely opportunities for more medium sized producers.

There might have been a temporary reduction in imports, but consumption levels have not changed. What is key is the kind of products you are looking to introduce here. You need to find your niche and approach it in the right way. But there are definitely opportunities for more medium sized producers who have the right strategy.

People are increasingly interested in new, and different wines to the usual suspects that have been in the market.*

Shanghai: leading white wine appellations, by presence

1. Marlborough
2. Alsace Riesling
3. Chablis
4. Central Valley
5. Mosel

6. Sancerre
7. South Australia
8. Bordeaux
9. Alsace Gewurztraminer
10. Margaret River

11. Mendoza
12. Venezia Giulia
13. California
14. Pouilly-Fume
15. Pouilly-Fuisse

Shanghai: leading white wine brands, by presence

1. Cloudy Bay
2. Trimbach
3. Alois Lageder
4. Dr. Loosen
5. Louis Jadot

6. Josmeyer
7. Henri Bourgeois
8. Hugel & Fils
9. Didier Dagueneau
10. Chateau d’Yquem

11. Leeuwin Estate
12. Louis Latour
13. Villa Maria
14. Yalumba
15. Cakebread Cellars

Price check 200 restaurants / 21,961 wines in 2019. Top listed wines 75cl, by presence

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