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France, daily wine consumption by region

David BECK AI & Blockchain / Lecturer & Research

We examine the wine consumption in France by regions.

L’INPES published a report on health barometer in 2013. This report includes an analysis of wine consumption by French regions.

France: daily wine consumption by region. Top 10 regions with the highest consumption rate:
Pays de la Loire: 43.5% of people drink wine daily
Midi-Pyrenees: 42.2%
Languedoc-Roussillon: 41.6%
Poitou-Charentes: 39.8%
Bourgogne: 39.8%
Franche-Comte: 39.6%
Alsace: 38.8%
Brittany: 38.3%
Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur: 38.3%